Our Stories, Our Impact


[January 13, 2017] Suzanne is one of many people who was just one paycheck away from being homeless and when a medical emergency hit, that is exactly where she found herself.  Over a seven month period she valiantly kept her family of four together.  They lived with friends, in a garage, tent and small hotel room.  During this time, Ministry on the Margins supplied stability, rides to appointments, basic necessities, and connections to available resources.  When housing was acquired, Ministry on the Margins helped with furniture and moving.  The greatest reward is watching them help others as they have been helped.


Marcus grew up in the streets of Chicago spending much of his life in and out of juvenile detention centers.  He ended up in the ND State Penitentiary and, at the age of 27, finally decided this was not the life he wanted.  After connecting with Ministry on the Margins, Marcus set two goals – to get his GED and GOD.  While in prison he was baptized and he became the first person in his family to earn a GED/diploma.  Now that he’s out of prison he has a team of mentors who support him and help him with basic life skills.  He can be an inspiration to his family that the cycle can be broken.